Drama and early Literacy

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Researchers at Purdue University found that students who attend theater performances can improve their literacy skills as they understand the plot, characters and vocabulary in the show. Childsplay, an Arizona-based nonprofit, is harnessing this research …

Closing the literacy gap

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About one in five students in Tennessee has dyslexia, but many are undiagnosed. A nonprofit in Memphis is working to remedy that, training educators to both recognize and teach students with learning disabilities. Read more.

Too Small To Fail Project

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Research says that, the more you talk to your child, the more they develop vital cognitive language skills that lay the foundation for their literacy skills for the rest of their lives. The Too Small …

A Funny Side of Literacy

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How can students articulate the difference between “roll” and “role”? Or all the different meanings of the word “hand”? This skill involves vocabulary knowledge as well as critical thinking skills. Jokes with puns involving ambiguous …