Bridge to Completion 2020

Understanding the College Access and Success Ecosystem for Metro Nashville Public Schools Students

Ultimately Nashville and the state of Tennessee must decide if we truly believe that all students benefit from and should have access to a postsecondary credential. That means examining and dismantling the inequities baked into our K-12 systems that prevent low-income students and students of color from accessing rigorous college preparatory coursework, excellent teachers in every classroom, and supportive school-based adults to guide them in their college-going journey.
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Explore College Access and Success Data for MNPS Students

  1. Taking Steps Toward College: Percent of MNPS graduates who took steps toward enrolling in college
  2. Estimated Summer Melt: Percent of MNPS graduates who took steps toward college enrollment but ultimately did not enroll
  3. Immediate College Enrollment: Percent of MNPS graduates who enrolled in college the fall after their MNPS graduation
  4. Persisting to Second Year: Percent of MNPS graduates who returned for their second year in college
  5. College Degree within Six Years: Percent of MNPS graduates who competed a 2- or 4-year degree within 6 years of their MNPS graduation

Additional Resources

Nashville Goes to College, available in both English and Spanish, houses robust resources and shares personal college-going stories from several MNPS graduates.

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This site explores schools that are climbing to thriving, examines research and practices in thriving schools and the conditions that allow every child to thrive every day.