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College Access and success

A college degree can be key to achieving success in work and life. But for many of our students, making the leap from high school to college comes with many barriers.

That is why we partnered with the Tennessee College Access and Success Network to develop Bridge to Completion: A Framework for Developing Nashville’s Campaign for College Success, the first-ever comprehensive, citywide research study to better understand Nashville’s postsecondary landscape.

The 2019 findings

less than 20%

of Black graduates of MNPS complete college within six years of high school graduation, and Latino graduates are estimated to be on a similar track. 

But there are


Increasing access to high-value Early Postsecondary Opportunities, like AP and IB programs, can help improve college completion rates.

Tailored resources

are needed to meet the unique needs of different student populations in order to create equitable college outcomes. 

The 2018 findings

About 80%

of our high school seniors take concrete steps toward college, like meeting with school counselors and applying for financial aid.

But only 24%

of Nashville public high school graduates end up earning a postsecondary degree within six years.

There can be


from that first step in high school to college graduation, including financial strain, transportation issues, food insecurity and family obligations.

In order to reach our goal of 40% college completion for MNPS graduates by 2025, we must work to create equitable college outcomes for all students, and work with the district to develop and implement a strategic plan for Early Postsecondary Opportunities.

It’s time we give all of our students a chance to take advantage of programs and opportunities that make a college degree – and a brighter future – that much more attainable. 

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