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July 2021

Quarterly Updates

Why a Documentary about Nashville's Public Schools?

We started with a simple question—why are our schools the way they are and what's preventing some of our students from thriving in school? While we had some theories about those questions, we began to realize that we didn't have a solid understanding of why certain policies and decisions were put in place decades ago and the effect of those polices and decisions on our students today.

Fast forward two years and hundreds of conversations later and By Design: The Shaping of Nashville's Public Schools was born. With this one-hour film, we hope to create a shared understanding of how we got to where we are as well as provide space for conversations about where we go from here so that all our students can thrive in school. Learning about inequities in history is not about making people feel guilty. It's about understanding where we made mistakes so we can do better in the future. We hope you'll join us at an upcoming screening and learn about how you can take action today to dismantle inequities in our city.

Making Nashville Teachers the Highest Paid in the State

Based on a study funded by NPEFMayor Cooper allocated roughly $50 million to make MNPS teachers the best paid in Tennessee. Recognizing the deep flaws in the district's previous teacher salary structure, NPEF engaged Education Resource Strategies to analyze the structure and make recommendations for teacher pay increases. That study led to the Mayor's announcement, which resulted in the Council approving the largest increase in funding history for Metro Schools. Learn about how NPEF is continuing to advocate for new ways to fund our public schools so all our teachers and students have what they need to thrive. 

Join Us for the 2021 Public Schools Hall of Fame

Our 17th annual Hall of Fame celebration recognizes the lifetime achievement of Tennessee State Senator Brenda Gilmore with the Nelson C. Andrews Distinguished Service Award. Distinguished MNPS Alumni to be inducted into the Hall of Fame include Lisa Ferrelli, graduate of Bellevue High School and Senior Vice President at Bank of America; Don Hardin, graduate of Maplewood High School and co-owner of Don Hardin Group; and Dr. Alex Jahangir, graduate of Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School, orthopaedic trauma surgeon, and Nashville Board of Health Chair. A special virtual celebration is planned for September 29 at noon.

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