All students deserve to thrive in school. We are committed to equitable solutions that address systemic barriers in education and meet the diverse needs of students in our district.

Thriving Schools

We believe that the ability to thrive exists within each of our schools. But creating thriving schools isn’t easy. The conditions do not occur by happenstance; they must be intentionally cultivated and supported, and we all have a role to play. 

Explore the Thriving Schools website to learn more about the conditions necessary to build a school in which all students thrive, and read our school profiles on MNPS schools climbing to thriving.

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Webinar: Exceptional Education in MNPS

Watch our webinar from January 27, 2021 titled "Exceptional Education in MNPS: How do we support our special education students to thriving?" with a panel featuring educator, family, and student voice.
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Webinar: Inequities of the Nashville Youth Experience

Watch our webinar from June 30, 2020 titled A City Where All Youth Thrive: A Conversation about Dismantling the Inequities of the Nashville Youth Experience led by Dr. Maury Nation from Vanderbilt University.
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Webinar: Navigating COVID-19 as an English Learner in MNPS

Watch our webinar from September 23, 2020 titled Navigating COVID-19 as an English Learner in MNPS: Community Perspectives on Supporting Students and Families with a panel of those working closest with Nashville's EL students and families.
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Thriving Schools Advocacy Guide

This resource provides guidance on how we can collectively work together to create schools where all kids thrive. The guide includes a checklist for each of NPEF's Thriving Schools Framework conditions as well as a list of things you can do today to create a thriving school.
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Use this sample op-ed to write your own piece advocating for increasing teacher pay or another important public education issue and send it to your local newspaper or other news source to be published.
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SAMPLE: Letter to a Metro Council Member

Use this sample letter to write your own letter to a member of the Metro Council advocating for increasing teacher pay or another important public education issue.
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A Framework for Thriving Schools

Our Thriving Schools Framework explores the conditions necessary to create thriving schools and explains how the presence of these conditions leads to increased student performance and agency.
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NPEF Inequities Brief

This brief includes our recommendations for identifying and dismantling the inequities baked into our schools and communities that prevent too many of our students from thriving.
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Infographic: Who Makes Decisions About Our Schools?

This infographic provides information on the roles played by local and state government and other stakeholders related to public education in Nashville.
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