Foundation hopes to reset talk on Nashville education

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“Reset: A verb — To start again. That’s what the Nashville Public Education Foundation hopes to accomplish with what it is calling Project RESET. It’s an effort to restart the conversation and set new expectations for Metro Schools — all with a community voice in mind.”

“Fixing the problems in this city requires a deep effort inside K-12 schools and an extraordinary effort around it,” said Shannon Hunt, the foundation’s president.

To that end, the group commissioned a study detailing the state of education in Nashville and a set of suggestions that have helped other urban cities turnaround their schools.

Through the lens of the report, Nashville fairs poorly in education compared to similarly-sized cities, all while leading the pace in job growth.

Nashville’s economy is outpacing most large urban metro areas, but despite that, its schools have failed to keep pace. With a K-12 system that is underachieving, it means Nashville won’t be able to produce skilled and professional employees.

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