Our reporting and data demonstrate how we intend to change the education narrative in Nashville and highlight opportunities where we can advocate for change in our schools.

Strategic Plan Overview

This framework is centered around the vision of what it would be like if every child in Nashville were thriving in our schools every day. We aim to support teachers and leaders to build schools where all kids thrive.
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Bridge to Completion 2019

This report goes beyond 2018 report data by digging into the student pipeline across race and ethnicity and across district schools to better highlight opportunities to increase college completion.
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Bridge to Completion 2018

This report takes a look into the challenges and barriers that high school and college students face, and suggests a community effort to bring up Nashville’s college-going and college-completion rates to the national average.
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Blueprint for Early Childhood Success

The Blueprint combines the thought leadership of community groups, volunteer partners, parents, students and educators to create a framework that will prevent any child or family from slipping through the cracks.
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Picking Up the Pace

This report is about building schools that can propel Nashville’s prosperity and create a broader movement to build consensus for a bold, citywide vision around education.
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A Framework for Thriving Schools

Our Thriving Schools Framework explores the conditions necessary to create thriving schools and explains how the presence of these conditions leads to increased student performance and agency.
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