How To Help Your Kids Tackle Their Required Summer Reading

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Sometimes, if reading is required over the summer, it can feel as though it takes out all the fun. Many schools give out a required summer reading list, though, because reading over the summer is so important to making sure kids don’t lose important reading skills or knowledge in between school years. So how do you turn something kids are supposed to do into something they want to do? This article suggests finding ways to help your child connect the book to his/her everyday life – perhaps cooking something that the characters in the books eat or drawing your own pictures to illustrate the story. Make sure to have your child read –—either by themselves or with you – a little bit each day if they are having a hard time tackling a long or difficult story. Also remember that it’s OK for your child to dislike a book. The important thing is to read and talk about why! Try having your child write a book review like one you might see in a magazine or newspaper.