Sharon Dixon Gentry: FACES of Nashville

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Photo by: StyleBlueprint // Ashley Hylbert (

Photo by: StyleBlueprint // Ashley Hylbert (

Sharon Gentry describes herself as a “Constructive Malcontent,” a person who gets antsy when she sees opportunities for things to be better — in any arena. As Metro School Board chair, education is a natural draw for her. Not only does she love the education process, she has been engaged in it for a long, long time. While she hasn’t bought into the idea that “education is the great equalizer,” it certainly expands the portfolio of options available to individuals. As she so eloquently says,

“Learning should be fun and meaningful; engaging and challenging. This is the experience that will light the fire in a child and develop a lifelong learner.” Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Sharon Gentry as our FACE of Nashville.

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