Unified Nashville can make a difference for our schools

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“When we bring young high school athletes onto Vanderbilt’s campus, hoping they will choose our university, I like to put a football and a stack of books on the ground in front of them. Try standing on the football, I’ll say. They try and, as you would expect, find this to be impossible.” — David Williams

Now, try standing on the stack of books. No problem.

The point, I’ll say, is that for most young people, your future won’t stand on your skills in sports alone. For success in life, you need to have a good education.

This is also true of cities, including ours. Cities succeed or fail based on how good an education we provide our young people. This is the essence of America and of our democracy.

Nashville’s economy is outpacing most large urban metro areas, but despite that, its schools have failed to keep pace. With a K-12 system that is underachieving, it means Nashville won’t be able to produce skilled and professional employees.

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