How To Create a Literate Home

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There are many things parents and caregivers can do to create a home environment that makes children ready and excited to read and write. This resource from PBS Parents gives some helpful ideas for setting up a “literate home” for kids of all ages:

  • For babies and toddlers, having an area with lots of toys, children’s music and age-appropriate books – especially those with sounds or things they can touch – helps create a fun place for babies to explore and grow.
  • For young children and kindergartners, try finding fun toys that help with letter recognition, like foam letters for the bathtub or magnetic letters for the fridge. Fun writing materials like paints, markers and crayons help kids enjoy writing from an early age.
  • For first-graders and older kids who are starting to read on their own, encourage them to keep a diary or journal, play fun games that include reading and writing like Scrabble Jr., and if you have access to a computer, get your child starting to type if possible.
  • For all ages, you are the best teacher for your children – model a love for reading and writing for your child through everyday activities like making grocery and chore lists and going through newspapers or magazines with your child.

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