Foundation Helps Launch New Parent Choice Portal

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Thanks to the combined efforts of Metro Schools,  the Tennessee Charter School Center, and support from Mayor Karl Dean, we were all able to launch the new Parent Choice Portal today. is a website where parents can learn about Metro schools, compare academic performance, schedule a visit, and apply all in one place.

School Finder will be viewable from any computer and mobile device to provide families with important information such as performance, transportation offerings, and even after school care.

“Parent engagement and high quality options for all kids are at the heart of Nashville’s ability to have strong public schools,” Nashville Public Education Foundation’s President and CEO Shannon Hunt said, “And perhaps just as important as the product itself is the fact that this was done through a strong public-private partnership. Kids and parents win when we work together rather than against one another.”

Thanks to Metro Schools, the Tennessee Charter School Center, and Mayor Karl Dean for making this step in the right direction for MNPS students and families.