Have a voice in the future of Nashville education

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“Nashville is growing faster than many other metro areas in the United States. Our economy is strong, and thousands of people are moving here every month. These are facts we document regularly in the pages of The Tennessean. And it’s exactly why we think a focus on improving our public education system is just as important right now as a focus on improving our city’s infrastructure.” — Stefanie Murray

No matter whether you have children in Metro Nashville’s public schools, their future is critical to your future here. To help lead the conversation about education, The Tennessean has partnered with the Nashville Public Education Foundation to promote discussion around Project RESET, the foundation’s campaign to rally the community around the topic of public education — especially as we search for a new schools superintendent and elect a new mayor.

Project RESET, or Reimagining Education Starts with Everyone at the Table, is in the process of releasing an in-depth report the foundation commissioned to look at how Nashville ranks with peer cities when it comes to public education.

The bottom line: We’re falling behind.

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