Mayor, school board feel confident about search

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It’s all quiet on the Metro Nashville Public Schools director search, and that is both natural and deliberate, according to the partners orchestrating the process.

It’s a sign that the process is working, they say.

“Everybody has their head down doing the recruiting work,” said Shannon Hunt, president and CEO of the Nashville Public Education Foundation, which is funding the second iteration of the search for a director of schools to replace Jesse Register.

“We feel incredibly good about where we sit.”

On Thursday, Mayor Megan Barry sat down with Hunt, school board chairwoman Sharon Gentry, Metro Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling and Laura Moore, the mayor’s education liaison, in the mayor’s conference room to talk about how the search is progressing.

“I think just using the term recruiting is a big change,” Gentry said. “This is a recruitment process, not a search.

“We deserve the best, we know where the best reside, let’s just go find them,” she said.

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