Who will be Nashville's Next Education Mayor?

Mayoral candidates this election year have a lot to discuss: How will Nashville balance its economic development with the needs of its citizens? What needs to happen to ensure a safe and tourist-friendly downtown experience? How can the city drastically increase its affordable housing opportunities?

While these and more topics are certainly critical to the future success of our next mayor, we want the next mayor to also have a clear and aspirational plan for supporting our public schools.

During this election season, NPEF will be sharing tools and resources to help Nashvillians learn about the candidates’ education platforms and ensure that public education continues to be prioritized.

Candidate Survey

We believe sharing relevant information on public education in Nashville is critically important to our community. We surveyed mayoral candidate to learn more about their views and priorities regarding our city's public schools. Below are the candidates who submitted responses. Click each candidate's name to read their responses.

Mayoral Candidates

We look forward to seeing who our next mayor will be and are hopeful that, with your help, that person can also rise to the title of Nashville’s next education mayor.

Who will be the #NextNashvilleEdMayor?

Policy Guide for Mayoral Candidates

Effective education mayors must balance multiple different roles in the support of public education and must understand what the key challenges are for our public schools. Check out our policy guide, which lays out five critical issues facing public schools today and provides case studies and examples of how mayors are addressing similar challenges across the country. 
Download the Guide

5 Questions to Ask Every Mayoral Candidate in Nashville

As you engage with candidates, we encourage you to ask them about their visits to MNPS classrooms and what their takeaways were. Additionally, here are five questions for mayoral candidates to jumpstart community conversations about education (updated 4/5/2023):

The percent of students in Metro Schools that meet or exceed expectations in English Language Arts and Math are 25.6% and 21.3% respectively, trailing state averages. What needs to be done to ensure all of our students are achieving at high levels?

We know that achievement and opportunity gaps among student groups still exist in our schools. Why do you think these gaps persist and what can you do as mayor to guarantee equitable outcomes for all students?

What do you think is the role of the Mayor’s office in supporting public schools, beyond ensuring adequate annual funding?

What do you think are MNPS’s greatest successes and how will you build on them if you become mayor?

How should the community measure your success as an education Mayor?

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