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Our mission is to ensure every child in Nashville has access to a great public education that prepares them fully for college, work, and life. We do that through raising and managing funds, making strategic investments, and bringing the community together behind needle-moving efforts to accelerate progress.

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The Need

What happens to the 83,000+ students in the Metro Nashville Public School system affects all of us – as neighbors, employers, and parents. Look around the country - you will quickly see an intrinsic link between high-performing schools and economic or community vitality.

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Stay "up" on major developments with our schools and the work of the NPEF.

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Private investment in our public schools is crucial. The fact is, private schools spend on average $23,000 per student. That compares to only $11,000 in the public schools. Is money the entire solution? Absolutely not. Are there ways to better spend existing public dollars? No question.

  • "Nashville is fortunate to have such strong private-sector support for its public schools, especially at a time when Nashville is at the forefront of national education reform efforts. The Foundation plays a critical role in marshaling the community and financial support needed for students to succeed."

    - Karl Dean, Mayor of Nashville

  • "The issue of public education is both important and emotional; good people can and do strongly disagree. The Nashville Public Education Foundation plays a vital role in helping Nashville come together to support its public schools in a thoughtful, constructive way."

    - Phil Bredesen, Former Governor of Tennessee

  • "I see firsthand the impact the Nashville Public Education Foundation is having. There’s just no reason every school in Metro can’t be excellent but it will take everyone doing their part. The foundation makes that possible."

    - Terri Patton, Parent

  • "We are so thankful organizations like the Public Education Foundation exist. Communities like Nashville need independent voices that cut through the chatter and mobilize the community in big ways to support and scale what works for students, families, and our city."

    - Shani Dowell, Teach for America Nashville

  • "There is no issue more important to this community’s overall prosperity than education. That’s why the Chamber has made that our No. 1 priority. We are fortunate to have such a strong partner in the Foundation as we work collectively to rally the community behind the changes and improvements necessary to have truly excellent public schools."

    - Ralph Schulz, Chamber of Commerce

  • "There are many good organizations working to improve our public schools but few have their eyes so clearly trained on real, transformational change."

    - Orrin Ingram, CEO Ingram Industries

  • "From parents to CEOs, the music industry to high tech, South Nashville to North Nashville, the Foundation has proven itself the glue necessary to bring the city together behind public school excellence."

    - Brenda Wynn

  • "The Public Education Foundation is at the heart of Nashville’s ability to harness the great talent, creativity and financial support of this community to bring about lasting change and improvement of our schools. Their involvement is invaluable to the work we do."

    - Dr. Jesse Register, Director of Schools

  • "The Public Education Foundation has been a critical partner in helping us insure our investment in Metro Schools is having the right kind of impact. They understand where we’re coming from and help make sure others share that vision. Their role is absolutely essential."

    - Joe Galante, Country Music Association Foundation

  • "As a graduate of public schools myself, I know the power of a great public education. I earnestly hope Nashville will set the rhythm for the nation in demonstrating what’s possible when an entire community really bands together in a big way."

    - Ben Folds, Musician

  • "We are so thankful organizations like the Public Education Foundation exist. Their ability to cut through the chatter and mobilize the community in big ways to support and scale what works is desperately needed and greatly appreciated."

    - Dr. Jill Pittman, MNPS Principal

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