Optimism persists despite low Nashville ACT scores

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Metro Nashville Public Schools fell behind on every tested ACT measure and showed a marked drop in
every category over last year’s results, according to 2016 ACT score results released to districts Tuesday.

With Metro Schools regressing slightly in the ACT test that is used as a college readiness measure in
English, reading, science and math, the new administration under Director of SchoolsShawn Joseph sees
an opportunity to dissect those results and improve.

And there’s an optimism from the community that Joseph and his team can bring about the change
needed to improve student outcomes. Joseph was hired on July 1.

“I am more hopeful today than ever before that the district and the larger community are on the road to doing something much more intentional and innovative that will not only raise ACT scores, but frankly make sure all of our kids are on a more decisive track for college or postsecondary. The city’s long-term economic success hinges on our ability to do a better job educating our kids. ACT scores are but one indicator of whether we are delivering.”

-Shannon Hunt, President and CEO, Nashville Public Education Foundation

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